If you find that the screen is not loud enough, you can follow the steps below.

Volume Buttons

First, check out the volume buttons located (at the lower-left corner of the front of the screen, or at the back of the screen for the older model), Pressing the buttons up and down will increase and decrease the volume. 

Audio Controller

There is also a way to adjust the volume for each Lumin feature.

  1. Press any of the 2 volume buttons.

  2. A pop-up named "Change other volumes" will appear on the screen quickly. Tap on the button on the screen that says "Change other volumes..." before the pop-up disappears.

  3. Check out the volume settings. If any of them is set to "Low", adjust them to the maximum volume.

  4. Once you are done, press the home button at the upper left corner of the screen and try testing out the volumes again by perhaps creating another test medication reminder, playing the radio, etc.

Advance Settings

If the steps above do not work, would it be possible that the sound in the additional settings was somehow accidentally changed?

To check, do the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button at the back of the screen until three buttons appear on the screen

  2. Tap on Settings

  3. On the right, tap on the grey button "Additional Settings"

  4. Under "Device", tap on "Sound"

  5. Under "Sound general settings", if it's on "Silent", please tap on "General" as this is the default for all Lumin screens.

If the sound setting is at "General" and the audio is still not loud enough, please contact the Lumin Support team. You can email us at support@mylumin.org or call us at (03) 8899 7525.

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