There is no limit to the number of Supporters you can add to your account.  

  1. To add a Supporter, go to Settings.

  2. Tap on Supporters

  3. Tap on Invite Someone 

  4. Enter the Supporter's details. First Name, Last Name, Email and Mobile Number.
    Important: If the supporter is outside Australia, use the format +<country code> <area code> <phone number>. eg. +447700900077

  5. Once you're done, tap on the Invite button.

 An SMS will be sent to the new Supporter with the link to the Lumin Supporters App in Google Play or Apple Store so they can download the app.

Once the app has been downloaded, the new Supporter would be able to add their own photo that will appear in the Lumin Screen and also edit their profile details if needed.

Watch this video for more details

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