If supporters are receiving notifications that the Lumin screen is going online and offline, this means the Lumin Screen's internet connection may be intermittent or having issues. 

A good and stable internet connection is needed in order for Lumin to work well. 

If your Lumin Screen connected to the internet via data from a sim card, try restarting the Lumin screen.

If the Screen is using an internet dongle Lumin provided, please try restarting the dongle. Press and hold the power button of the dongle until the light turns off, then press and hold until they come on again.

If the issue persists, please contact Lumin Support at (03) 8899 7525 or email us at support@mylumin.org

If you're using your own WiFi connection, try restarting the WiFi router and check again. If the issue persists, please contact your Internet service provider for assistance.

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