When this happens, it's because Lumin is not connected to the WiFi. 

Here are the steps on how you can connect your Lumin screen to the WiFi.

  1. Turn on the Lumin Screen.

  2. Press and hold the power button at the back of the Lumin screen until 3 buttons show up on the screen (1- Power Off, 2 - Reboot and 3 - Settings). Tap on Settings.

  3. Tap on the blue Internet Connection button.

  4. Tap on the name of your WiFi connection.

  5. Tap on the password field and enter your WiFi's password using the digital keyboard.

  6. Tap on Connect.If you entered the correct password for your WiFi, it should say "Connected" under the name of your WiFi. You'll need a stable internet connection to maximise the benefits of Lumin.

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