Assuming you've downloaded the Facebook app on your smart phone and have logged in, here are the instructions:

If you're using your Mobile phone

  1. Tap on the Facebook app icon on your phone screen.

  2. Tap on "More" at the bottom right side of your screen (It looks like 3 horizontal lines)

  3. You should see "Photos" under Favourites. Tap on that.

  4. Tap on "Albums"

  5. Tap on "Create Album"

  6. Add a title (and description too but this is optional)

  7. This is optional BUT if you want this album invisible to your Facebook friends, tap on the drop down button below your name and choose "Only Me"

  8. Tap on "Save"

  9. Album created! Now to add some pictures.

  10. Tap on the pictures you wish to add and tap on "Done" when you're done.

  11. Tap on "Upload"

If you're using a Desktop or a Laptop

  1. Log in to Facebook

  2. Go to ‘Photos’

  3. Click on ‘+ Create Album’

  4. Find the images you’d like to place in this album. Choose by clicking on one image or press “Ctrl” (PC) or “Command” (Mac) and click images to choose multiple files.

  5. Click ‘Open’

  6. Add details of the album – Title, description, etc., and add more photos if you’d like

  7. Beside the ‘Post’ button, you can set the album’s privacy setting. If you want this album to not be visible to your Facebook friends, choose ‘Only me’.

  8. Click on the ‘Post’ button when you’re done.

You now have a new Facebook photo album. 

To link your new Facebook album to Lumin Photos, follow these steps on your Lumin App:

  1. Tap on Settings

  2. Tap on Photos

  3. You will be asked to link your Facebook account to Lumin. Follow the steps on the screen.

  4. Once linked, Add the Facebook folders you'd like to push to the Lumin Screen by tapping  on the switch button beside it. The pictures will show up on the Lumin Screen in a few minutes.

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