1. Turning the Lumin Screen on and off or rebooting

Your Lumin Screen will have been set up and turned on before the installers have left your home. It needs to remain switched on at all times.

However, just in case you do need to turn on your Lumin Screen, please contact your carer group first so that an alert is avoided.

Power on

The power button of your Lumin Screen is located at the back of the screen. If you turn the screen around, it's at the upper left side.

Press it and hold for 2-3 seconds until you see the screen light up with the words "Xess". Wait for a couple of seconds for the Lumin dashboard to load.


Turning the Power off or Rebooting

To turn it off, press the power button at the back of the device and hold for 2-3 seconds, and wait for the power and reboot buttons to pop up.

Tap on the Power off button device will turn off.

To reboot, tap on the reboot button. This will restart the screen.

To cancel this, tap anywhere on the grey area outside the 2 buttons.

We highly recommend that you do not turn your Lumin Screen off. The Lumin Screen needs to remain switched on at all times to ensure alerts are sent.

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