What is the Supporters' App?

The Supporters' App is a downloadable iOS or Android app that allows Supporters to manage a Lumin Screen.

The Supporters' App allows a Supporter to do the following:

  1. Receive, acknowledge and resolve alerts (when medication is not taken, the Lumin screen has low battery or an emergency Help alert is raised etc.)
  2. Send and receive messages, phone calls and video calls from the Lumin screen
  3. Setup, delete and modify general and medication reminders for the Lumin screen
  4. Send and add photos from the supporter's smartphone or Facebook account to the Lumin screen
  5. Add and remove Supporters from the Lumin Screen
  6. The supporters app also has Help & Support that has articles on how to use Lumin and easy buttons to contact Lumin Support.

Important: Your smartphone should remain online so that it can receive alerts from the Lumin screen.

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