2. The Help Button


Pressing the red "Help" button will send an alert to all your Supporters group, telling them that you need help.

After pressing this button, you will hear an audio cue saying "Stay calm, we're notifying your Supporter group now."

Once the alert has been sent to your Supporter group, you will hear an audio cue saying "OK, your Supporter group has been notified."

This is how it looks like this on their phones:

Once they receive the alert, they will check on how you're doing. The Supporter who will respond to you will either tap on Acknowledge or Resolve button on their phones, letting the other Supporters know that he's taking care of you.

When you hit the red Help button and it notifies your Supporter that there has been an alert, the device goes into auto answer mode. This means that when one of your Supporters call to check you are OK, you don’t need to touch the screen to answer the call. You will hear their voice over the speakers of the device.




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