4b. Medication reminders - What is this?

From time to time, you'll hear a "gong" sound from your Lumin Screen showing you a reminder alert eg. to take your medication. 

Once a reminder pops up, touch the green button to acknowledge that you've received it. The "gong" sound will continue to make a sound every three minutes until you touch the green button to acknowledge it. If 15 minutes have passed and you have not tapped on the green button, your carer contacts will be sent an alert. 


*If it's for a medication reminder, make sure you touch the green button after you've taken your medication.

Not acknowledging reminders will send an alert to your Carers. They may contact you to check all is well. 

Touching the green button on time is a good way of letting them know that you are fine and have been taking care of yourself, and will give your family some peace of mind. 

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