The Supporters' App Screen Explained

Watch the video:

The Supporter's App has a very simplified screen with everything you need to monitor and communicate with the Lumin screen user. 


1. Alerts - This is where alerts are sorted

2. Messages - This is where you can send messages to the Lumin Screen user.

3. Calendar - This is where you can set general and medication reminders for the Lumin Screen user.

3. Help & Support - Click on this if you wish to contact the Lumin Support Team or browse through helpful articles from the online help centre.

4. Settings - This is where you can set up the following:

  • Photos - This is where you can add photos from your phone or link your Facebook account and add/remove albums as photo source. Photos inside albums added here will be shown in the Lumin Screen's photos. 

  • Supporters - This is where you can add and remove Supporters.

5. The Supporters App screen also has a phone call & video call buttons which allows the Supporter to directly call the Lumin Screen.

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