Sending messages to the Lumin Screen

Video: How to send text messages from the app to the Lumin screen

The messaging feature of Lumin is very easy to use. You can either send a text message or a photo image.

To begin, tap on the "Messages" button on the main screen of the app.


Sending a text message:

  1. Tap on the text bar at the bottom of the screen and start typing your message.


  2. Tap on "Send" to send the message.
  3. Next, choose the one-touch reply option for the Lumin User.


  4. When you are done, tap on "Send Now". The text message will be sent to the Lumin Screen user.


To send a photo as a message:

  1. Tap on the camera button at the lower left side of the screen.
  2. You can opt to take a picture or choose from your Image Library. 


  3. Once you have chosen a picture to send, choose one of the one-touch reply options for the Lumin screen user.
  4. Tap on "Send Now" when you're done.


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