Android users do find it a bit more tricky to login using an Android phone because they needed to go to their phone's Messages App to get the passcode and when they enter it it would say it is "invalid". The reason behind this is because people tend to press the mid button on their Android screens to go back to the home screen but this act will exit the Lumin App which cancels the login process. So when you get in with the passcode, it is no longer the valid passcode.

Below are the steps for logging in using an Android phone.

  1. Open the App by tapping on the Lumin App icon.

  2. The app will ask you to log in. Enter your mobile number and press Submit.
    Important: If you are located outside of Australia, please include your mobile number's country code. eg +64 for New Zealand.

  3. Wait for the passcode. It will be sent to you as an SMS.

  4. Instead of pressing the center button, press the "Recent Apps" Key.

This will allow you to scroll through and reach your Messages App without exiting the Lumin App.

5. Scroll through and find your Messages App and get your passcode.

6. Press the Recent Apps key again and scroll back to the Lumin App.

7. Enter the passcode and submit.

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